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The 12 Week Online Intensive to Find Work Worth Doing

Have you ever wanted to take your career to the next level but didn’t know how?

The Career Transformation Cohort is a twelve (12) week online intensive designed to guide you in growing your career to find meaning in your work. Whether you are looking for a fresh start or simply building on the great career you already have, you will leave this program with action-oriented steps to transform your career and achieve your goals.

Participants will complete a Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment and a one-hour personal coaching session with a Merrfeld Certified Strengths Coach before the cohort begins.

Transforming Your Career is within Your Grasp

Week 1: Strengths-Based Leadership

Leverage your unique strengths to develop a leadership style that embraces your talent DNA to find meaning in your work. 

Taught by Merrfeld Career Management

Week 2: Career Strategy 

Develop a strategy that builds a meaningful career by answering 5 key questions everyone should consider.

Taught by Jason Mutzfeld

Week 3: Professional Branding

Communicate your value and professional brand through executive resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios, board resumes, and more.

Taught by Debra Boggs

Week 4: Social Media and Your Career

Learn insider tips for building your personal online brand and avoiding pitfalls.

Taught by Debra Boggs

Week 5: Professional Image

It’s time to find your V.O.I.C.E. It’s time to be seen, heard and remembered as the Visible, Original, Impactful, Confident, (go to) Expert that you are!

Taught by Karyl Morris Eckerle

Week 6: Professional Presentation

Overcome the ‘fear’ of public speaking, learn to pitch effectively, and achieve tangible results from your public speaking endeavors.

Taught by Kyle Murtagh

Week 7: Career Creativity

Get unstuck and get started on your creative journey. Travel across three zones of personal development and find your creative purpose. 

Taught by Dan Nestle 

Week 8: Career Purpose

Set effective and actionable goals to define your career purpose while avoiding the most common career misconceptions.

Taught by Jason Mutzfeld 

Week 9: Selecting Professional Development Opportunities

Stop waiting for your boss to decide what’s best for you.  Learn to how to find your best professional development opportunities based on your career goals.  

Taught by Debra Boggs

Week 10: Career Networking 

Behind every successful professional is a strong network.  Learn how to identify and grow your network to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Taught by: Tammi Ramsey 

Week 11: Interviewing

Develop a strategy to successfully interview for the job of your dreams on a moment’s notice.  Learn the tips and tricks to be a superb interviewer and interviewee. 

Taught by Michelle Merritt

Week 12: Compensation Negotiation

Learn both the art and science of compensation negotiation to ensure you receive what you’re worth each and every time.

Taught by Michelle Merritt 

Can I really transform my career?

Yes!  It is absolutely possible to build a meaningful career and be happy in your work.  This cohort will guide you in building your career to meet your unique goals and desires.

Not looking for a career change? We love that! This cohort will help you define what success looks like while growing your career right where you are!

Searching for a new job?  This cohort will help you identify the next steps to ensure a successful transition into a role you can thrive in.

The key to finding meaning in your work is a willingness to learn and put in the effort.  Our outstanding instructors will guide you through each step of the way!

Introducing the Career Transformation Cohort

Week 1: Strengths-Based Leadership

√ How to identify your personal strengths.

√ How to identify the strengths of your team

√ How to help the team succeed using their combination of strengths

√ How to coach individuals to meet their goals using their unique strengths

√ How to reach your own unique goals as a leader and collaborator

Week 2: Career strategy

√ Identify what you want from your career.

√ Identify how you can help others in your career.

√ Identify what you’re capable of

√ Identify what you’ve accomplished so far.

√ Identify the action steps you’ll take to build a great career.

Week 3: Professional Branding

√ What documents you need to support your unique career path

√ How and when to update them

√ What to include in your professional branding portfolio

√ Deciding between a resume and a CV

√ Selecting the right type of resume based on your career goals

Week 4: Social Media + Your Career

√ Selecting the best social media for your profession/industry

√ Identifying the audience and where they spend their time

√ Building a quality following

√ Tools and tips for maximizing your time

√ How to promote yourself online.

Week 5: Professional Image

√ The importance of first impressions and the role confirmation bias plays.

√ Finding your IM Statement (instant message) and how to show it visually

√ Honing your visual credibility to lessen the Perception G.A.P.

√ How to show up digitally and the importance of updated headshots and branding photos.

√ Dress code confidence and the look of leadership

Week 6: Professional Presentation

√ Develop Unshakable Speaking Confidence

√ Discover how to hold your audience’s attention – from your very first words to your last

√ Learn how to structure your talk so that your point actually lands!

√ Develop an understanding of how to present effectively online

√ Discover how to persuade your audience to act on your words

Week 7: Career Creativity

√ What it means to be creative – and why it’s important for all of us

√ Exercises to develop your creative “muscles”

√ Techniques for organizing ideas – and for keeping them fresh

√ How to inject creativity into your daily routine

√ What to do when the well runs dry (i.e., when you’re stuck)

Week 8: Career Purpose

√ How to identify your purpose with the strengths-centered GROW model

√ Set SMART goals to align with your purpose

√ Strengths-centered SWOT career analysis

√ Change the way you view your work

√ Manage your goals with the “Eisenhower Box” method

Week 9: Selecting Professional Development Opportunities

√ What is professional development

√ Identifying and assessing your professional development needs

√Where to find quality professional development opportunities

√ When and how to include it on your resume

√ Determining who should pay for your professional development.

Week 10: Career Networking

√ Change your view on connecting with other professionals

√ Who are your champions?

√ Professional Connections- How do I reach out and not feel awkward asking for help or a referral?

√ How long does it take and what is the right cadence to connect?

√ I’m an introvert, can I become a solid connector?

Week 11: Interviewing

√ How to prepare for any interview

√ How to ace a virtual interview

√ Build a strategy to answer even the most challenging interview questions

√ Learn how to interview the interviewer

√ Create the perfect interview close

Week 12: Compensation Negotiation

√ Remove the fear from negotiating (even if you’re an introvert)

√ What’s included in total compensation

√ Identify your automatic ‘yes’ and automatic ‘no’ numbers

√ How to ask for what you want

√ How to maintain a good relationship even if you say no

Frequently Asked Questions 

What will I learn in this cohort?

At the end of the cohort, participants will have action-oriented next steps to build the career of their dreams and find work worth doing.

Where will the cohort take place?

The cohort is fully virtual.  Participants will receive the video lesson for the week via email on Sunday.  Participants are invited to attend the facilitated discussion and Q&A at 3 p.m. EST on Friday with that week’s instructor.  

Do I have to attend the Friday facilitated discussion and Q&A?

We encourage everyone to be there but life can get in the way sometimes. You will be able to submit your questions via email.  A recording of the session will be made available to the participants who were unable to attend.  

How were the instructors selected?

The instructors were invited to participate based upon their unique passion and expertise in their specific area.  Thanks to our vast network of colleagues and partners, we selected instructors who we know care about you and this cohort as much as we do.

Who is Merrfeld Career Management?

Merrfeld is a resume writing and career coaching firm with a mission to help you find work worth doing and fix what’s right with you.  By focusing on your strengths and innate talents, they lead you to success.

With so much career advice out there, how do I know if this is right for me?

The Career Transformation Cohort is comprised of coaches and instructors who care about YOU and your success.  These small group sessions will provide you an opportunity to learn from the instructors and each other, creating opportunities to truly transform your career.

Throughout this 12-week cohort, you’ll receive guidance from world-renowned instructors and actionable steps to find meaning in your work.  This is NOT a group of lectures.  This is guidance from instructors who know your name and your background and are there to help you transform.

What if I can't start March 7, 2021? Will there be another cohort?

Yes.  Future cohorts are in the works.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe to the waitlist for updates on future cohorts (we promise not to spam you!) 

Can I work with the other instructors directly?

Absolutely!  Connecting all of the awesome people we meet is one of our passions here at Merrfeld.  

Consider upgrading your cohort experience to include a 1:1 coaching session on all 12 topics.  This gives you individualized access to each coach for a fraction of what you would pay for individual sessions. 

Will I be able to network with other participants?

Yes, please! While not everyone may be up for connecting, we encourage those who are to learn more about how you can help one another.  Networking is such a vital part of building a meaningful career!

Let's Summarize

Here’s everything included with your enrollment 

12- Exclusive weekly videos

Actionable exercises

12- Weekly live discussions + Q&A with instructors

Bonus #1 Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment + Report

Bonus #2 60-minute 1:1 Strengths Coaching Session with a Certified Strengths Coach

Bonus #3 Your copy of Find Work Worth Doing by Jason Mutzfeld

Bonus #4 Certificate of Completion

Bonus #5  Access to the Cohort/Instructor LinkedIn Group

Upgrade to Cohort + Coaching to receive 12 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions, covering each of the 12 cohort subjects.

You’ll meet with each instructor to learn from the best of the best while gaining individualized guidance in each of the 12 subject areas.

12 – 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

12 – Exclusive weekly videos

Actionable exercises

12 – Weekly live discussions + Q&A with instructors

Bonus #1 Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment + Report

Bonus #2 60-minute 1:1 Strengths Coaching Session with a Certified Strengths Coach

Bonus #3 Your copy of Find Work Worth Doing by Jason Mutzfeld

Bonus #4 Certificate of Completion

Bonus #5  Access to the Cohort/Instructor LinkedIn Group

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