Organizational Training and Development

Treat People as Assets

C3: Creating a Coaching Culture

Retaining and growing top talent requires a shift from traditional management to a true coaching model that embraces individual talent, empowers teams to achieve success, and demonstrates team member value. This training shows you simple, common-sense techniques to build a coaching culture in your organization, no matter its size.

CliftonStrengths Training for Groups

Want to maximize your team’s potential? Do you want to provide coaching that will transform your organization’s culture and position your team to thrive? CliftonStrengths can help teams identify the talents that make up their unique team and help you thrive as a leader who puts individuals in position to do what they naturally do best. Merrfeld coaches will work with you and your team to identify the unique talents of each team member and how those talents collectively lead the team to success. We’ll provide individual coaching sessions for your team and team trainings to help individuals better understand one another and work together. Discounted rates available for nonprofits.

Recruiting and Retention: How to Stop Using A Headhunter

Recruiting and retention are critical components of a profitable workplace. We will partner with you to build a custom recruiting and retention strategy that allows you to find and keep top talent without hiring an outside firm. This process will increase retention and reduce recruiting costs within the first year.